Step 1.2. Setup Serial Port Properties

Use the field on the Port Settings tab of the Setup Utility dialog box, to configure the serial port characteristics:

Source ID

Enter the station number of the DF-1 device.

Port Number

Select the COM port attached to the device.

Baud rate

Enter the baud rate for communications from the drop-down list.

Enable Parity Checking

Check to enable parity checking and activate Parity fields below.


Select the parity to be used for communications.

Data Bits

Select the number of data bits in the data from the list.

Stop Bits

Number of stop bits.

Enable CTS flow control

Check to enable Clear to Send flow control and activate the RTS/CTS Delay field below.

RTS/CTS Delay (ms)

Enter the delay desired between RTS and CTS.


Static error test. Can be a Block Check character (BCC) type or Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) type.

RTS Control

Request to Send flow control.

Default is Toggle.

DTR Control

Data Terminal Ready signal.

Default is Enable.

More information

Step 1. Run the DF-1 Setup Utility.