Step 2.3.2. Set Device Point Properties

On the Device tab of the Point Properties dialog box, you may configure:


Point address requirements are device-dependent. Valid device types are PLC2/3, PLC5, and SLC. See the sections below for detailed information on the point address requirements for each device type.

Important: The CIMPLICITY point addressing format does not include the I/O card rack slot position as part of the address.

Update Criteria

The update criteria determines how the data will be requested.


Select On Change or On Scan for points whose values should be polled by the Allen-Bradley DF-1 Communications enabler at regular intervals.

When configuring Boolean points, you must also enter data in the following field:

Bit Offset

Enter the bit offset that corresponds to the bit position within the word.


The valid range for bit offset is 0 - 15, where 0 is the least significant bit. The bit offset must be specified as a decimal value.

When configuring array points, make sure that the size of the array is within the limits of the file. CIMPLICITY software does not declare an array configured beyond the end of a file as invalid. If an array point is configured that extends beyond the end of a file, a $DEVICE_DOWN alarm will be generated each time an attempt is made to read data from or write data to the point.

More information

Step 2.3 Configure Allen-Bradley DF-1 points.