Allen-Bradley RFID Diagnostic Program

You can use the AB RFID Diagnostics program, abrfid_diag.exe, to verify hardware installation and communication operation.

To run the AB RFID diagnostics, execute the following command in a Command Prompt window opened from the CIMPLICITY project's Configuration cabinet:

abrfid_diag.exe <port> <baud_rate> [<init_flag> <counter>]


<port> is the name of the port connected to the connection cable.

<baud_rate> has a default value of 9600.

<init_flag> is optional to let the program initialize antenna setting only.

<counter> is optional to indicate number of read operations that should be invoked. Default value of counter is 20.

For example, executing the following command initializes the antenna setting only:

abrfid_diag.exe COM2 9600 i

The following command reads data for three points:

abrfid_diag.exe COM2 9600 10

After the command is issued, the program will ask:

Do you like to test write tag command?(y/n)

Answer Y to allow the program to write data to the tag.

The program then will ask:

Please enter the number of read tag operations invoked before each write

Enter the number of operations you want.

When the program is ready to write data to tag, user will be asked for the data to be written.

The following is sample output for the program:

abrfid_diag parameters: Port = COM1, baud_rate = 9600, repeat count = 10

Do you like to test write tag command? (y/n)


Please enter number of read tag operations invoked before each write:


!!!!!use echo command to test the communication link to the antenna.

The antenna echoed: Hello!

!!!!!echo command finished.

Counter = 1

Read data for R0, element = 1.

Operation failed. Possible cause – no tag present.

   Data from antenna:

Read data from R0, element = 6.

   Data from antenna: 016405

Read data from R1, element = 2.

   Data from antenna: 16

Please input 2 bytes of data to write to tag memory:


Write data to R1, element = 2.

Write tag command: W 1 002 11

Tag detected, operation failed. Return code: 9

Possible cause – RF power low, wrong tag type.

Write data for point R1 failed.

abrfid_diag program finished successfully.

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