Updating the Antenna Configuration Settings

There are two methods of getting the Allen-Bradley Intelligent Antenna communications enabler to update the antenna's configuration settings based on the modifications to the ABRFID.INI file.

You can stop and restart the CIMPLICITY project. This is usually not a feasible thing to do.

You can update the configuration settings dynamically for a particular antenna, without affecting the flow of data from the rest of the antennas in your project:

To updated the configuration settings dynamically, use the following procedure:

  1. In the project's Configuration cabinet, select Dynamic from the Tools menu. You can now change the device properties without having to stop and restart the project.

  2. In the project's Configuration cabinet, double-click on the Devices icon. The Devices window opens and shows you a list of all of the devices (antennas) in your project.

  3. From the list of devices in the Devices window, double click on the antenna you wish to update. This opens the Device Properties dialog box.

  4. In the Device Properties dialog box for the antenna:

  1. Clear the Enabledcheck box.

  2. Click Apply.

  3. Check the Enabled check box.

  4. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  5. Close the Devices window.

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