About Allen-Bradley Communications

The Allen-Bradley Communications enabler lets you exchange data between CIMPLICITY software and Allen­Bradley PLC processors.

This enabler requires Rockwell’s RSLINX™ Classic software in order to communicate with Allen-Bradley PLCs. You must have an RSLINX™ OEM license available to the application in order for the software to operate.

The physical communications link between a CIMPLICITY computer and the PLC processors is an Ethernet network or a Data Highway Plus network via an Allen-Bradley 1784 KTX card.

The RSLINX™ software provides an interface to this layer; it is through this layer that the CIMPLICITY device communications enabler interfaces.

The RSLINX™ OEM software also handles all of the validation and management of the Rockwell RSLINX licensing.  

For the most current information on the version of RSLINX™ qualified with this version of CIMPLICITY, please refer to the Important Product Information (readme.chm) that accompanies this release.

 Warning: Because of a registry conflict between the Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus Communications enabler and RSLinx software, you cannot use the Allen-Bradley Data High Plus Communications enabler and the Allen-Bradley Communications enabler on the same computer.

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