Communication through ControlLogix Gateway

Specifying the Network Address in the CIMPLICITY Device Configuration

For the AB Communications Driver, the network address for CIMPLICITY device configuration has following format:

Driver_name, Port_id, Station_number


Driver_name is the name of the driver user configured in the Rockwell Software RSLinx OEM driver configuration. For communicating to a remote device via a ControlLogix Gateway, use TCP-n where n is the driver number.

Port_id has the following format:



KEYWORD is the port type. The port types for the ControlLogix Gateway is ASA.

/L:l is the Destination Link ID of the Data Highway Plus Network to which you are bridging to (in the range from 0–65535 (decimal)).

If you need help defining the Port ID, see your Allen-Bradley network administrator.

Station_number specifies the station number of a remote processor on an Allen-Bradley network. For a remote device via the ControlLogix Gateway, the format is:



Port is always equal to 1 for Ethernet.

Slot is the location of the DHRIO module in the backplane.

Channel is the DHRIO module channel. Enter 2 for channel A, or 3 for channel B.

Station is the destination node number in decimal.

More information

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