Ethernet Communications RSLinx Installation Procedure

Follow the instructions found in the Allen-Bradley RSLinx software to:

  1. Install the RSLinx software.

  2. Configure at least one PC to serve as Ethernet Boot server for the EI modules and Ethernet PLC-5 processor.

  3. Create a LMHOSTS file in a directory of your choice, and use Notepad to enter the PLC IP address, node name and alias for each EI module and Ethernet PLC-5 processor. The format is:

<IP_Address>    <node_name>    <alias>

  1. Import the LMHOSTS file. See below for detailed instructions if you do not know how to do this.

  2. Use the Rockwell Software RSLinx OEM driver configuration to configure the RSLinx Ethernet to PLC-5 or 5820-EI driver to communicate with the PLC-5 or EI module processors. Follow the instructions in your RSLinx documentation to do this.

More information

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