PLC-5 Ethernet Direct Example

The following sample message block is an example of sending an unsolicited message from a PLC-5/40E to CIMPLICITY project running RSLinx software.

Control Address:


Communication Command:

PLC-2 Unprotected Write

PLC-5 Data Table Address:


Size In Elements:


*Host / Internet IP address: (or CLIENT)

Destination DT address:


Port Number:


In CIMPLICITY software, if you define an INT type array point of 2 elements with address N55:0>30, and scan type UNSOLICITED for the device sending the unsolicited data, values are updated each time the data is received from the device.

If you specify CLIENT instead of a host IP address, the following section must be included in the piunsol.ini file on the host computer.

[plc IP address]


More information

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