Saved Settings Deletion

Check one of the following to specify what Allen-Bradley Ethernet Communications should do with saved settings.



Keep saved settings

Do not automatically delete the saved settings on the next startup

Keep only if recovering

Delete the current saved settings unless the next startup is in recovery mode.

Delete saved settings


The current saved settings at the next startup.

Settings for all the devices that are configured for the port.

Important: If the configuration of the device is changed, make sure to check and apply Delete saved settings.

Important: These settings affect the next startup only. The Saved Settings Deletion tab will always default to the Keep saved settings option for subsequent startups.

The memory sizes for files in the Allen-Bradley are sized based on the highest referenced point configured for the file in the project. When adding a higher ordered element in a file statically (i.e., not through dynamic configuration), or adding a point that references a file previously unused in the configuration, you must use the Delete saved settings option just prior to the execution of the Configuration Update. If this action is not performed, the newly added point(s) at the higher addresses in the file may be declared invalid. Should this occur, rather than shutting down the project, one option is to dynamically edit the points and they will be re-validated.

More information

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