Unsolicited data

To support unsolicited data over redundant networks, you need to configure the PLC ladder logic to send the unsolicited data over both the networks. To do this, you need to use separate Application Data Table addresses for the point on the primary device and the secondary device.

To calculate the point's address on the secondary device, add 10,000 (octal) to its address on the primary device.


You have configured an unsolicited point with address N7:0>06 in your CIMPLICITY project. The Application Data Table address for the unsolicited point is 06. You must configure PLC ladder logic to send the unsolicited data to this Application Data Table address. If network redundancy is supported for this PLC, you also must configure the ladder to send the same unsolicited data at same time to the address 10006 (10000 + 06) over the PLC's secondary network.

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