Using abiping.exe

The abiping.exe program is provided to assist you in validating the network address to be configured for a device and verifying the communications link. This program is invoked by using the following command:

\CIMPLICITY\exe\abiping.exe PLCX Netname Port_id station_num


PLCX can be PLC2, PLC3, PLC5, or PLC5250

Netname, Port_id and station_num are as described in the Device Configuration section.

This is especially helpful when your communications network contains gateways and bridges.

If you enter a valid network address and your communications hardware is properly installed, the following message displays:

Communications successfully detected the device

If you enter an invalid address or your communication link is not operating properly, a message similar to the following displays:

Unable to successfully DTL_C_CONNECT to Device
Status = 158 address >PLC2< hi_xd = 0

Important: Enter the station ID in RSLINX software in Decimal format. In ABIPING, enter the address in Octal.

More information

    Allen-Bradley Communications Ethernet installation verification.