About the Action Calendar Scheduler

The Action Calendar generates the next day schedule on a nightly basis.

The Action Calendar

  1. Determines the current day of the week.

  2. Determines, for each area, the appropriate configured day type.

This day type will be either the standard day type for the area or, if the day type has been overridden, the new requested day type.

  1. Reads that day type's schedule, along with any event overrides specific to today's schedule, and merges with all other area schedules for that day.

  2. Begins processing of the events once the complete schedule has been built.

Important: Some important notes about how the Action Calendar Scheduler deals with events include:

If any events are being scheduled during the time that the Action Calendar is actually generating the schedule, these events will be initiated, in order, immediately upon completion of the schedule generation.

There will be no predictable order for events that are scheduled to execute simultaneously.

If a single event performs more than one action, the sequence of the actions is guaranteed.

When the Calendar determines that an event needs to be initiated, it sends an event request to the Event Manager (EM) subsystem. If the event has been configured with logging enabled, then the success or failure of the actions will be logged.