Definition of Events Scheduled for Action Calendar Areas

Once you have your initially defined areas, review each area to determine the types of operations that occur in that area. There may be one or more events associated with each operation and one or more actions associated with each event.

Each operation typically corresponds to something that is controllable through a CIMPLICITY point.

In most cases, there will be a set of two or more events (or ultimately, event point values) that correspond with the operation point referenced in your configuration.

Events can be:

Actions which enable and disable a digital point

A series of actions, each of which sets analog or text points to one of multiple values




Note: The Action Calendar lets you configure events for points which have been defined but which have not been incorporated into the runtime system via a Configuration Update operation.

This enables you to set up a system for a future point configuration modification that will make these events valid at a future date. Until that time, these events will be ignored by the Calendar, and messages will be logged whenever an attempt is made to incorporate these events into a day's schedule.


A machine requires a light to be on for part of the day and to be off for the remainder.

  1. Create an operation point for the light, called Machine_Light.

  2. Configure two events to control Machine_Light. Call the events


unit_off .

The Action Calendar will turn the machine light on and off, based on the times for which you schedule unit_on and unit_off.

You may also have a series of actions that involve turning off the machine light, which you can call up through the use of a script.

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