Event Overrides Definition

Event overrides are specific to a single event.

The three supported event overrides are:

  1. Adding an unscheduled event to the schedule.

This type of override is useful in situations when an operation is required on a given date where it normally would not be part of that day's schedule.

  1. Rescheduling a specific event to a new time.

This override can be used to alter the time at which a scheduled event is initiated.

  1. Skipping an event, which would otherwise be initiated.

This override is useful in situations where a standard event is not desired on a particular date.

There are a number of rules associated with overrides, which are important to understand.

Any override, which is scheduled for the current day, will be incorporated into the current schedule immediately upon being requested by the user.

If a day type override is configured, all existing event overrides for that same date and area will be immediately deleted, so that an override is not inadvertently applied to an event for which it was not intended.

Initiate all day type and event overrides after you project a schedule for the date in question. These overrides will be automatically reflected in the projected schedule being presented to the user.