Setting up Day Types with Assigned Days

Having determined at least the initial set of events that will be required within an area, you can begin to determine when these events may be invoked. As you review the day types, you may need to redefine some areas.

The Action Calendar carries out events that you schedule for day types.

You may:

Require multiple standard day types to handle the scheduling requirements such as weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Configure additional reserved day types for a specific area because your plant has other conditions, which you must accommodate (for example, extended production days or shutdown).

Configure a day type that has no events. Any days of the week assigned to that day type will have no events scheduled for that area.

However, within one area, you can only assign a specific day of the week, for example, Friday, to one day type.

More information

An example of assigning days of the week to day types.