Day Type Legend

Before you begin to schedule events, you need to define day types and assign days of the week to the day types, for each area in your plant.

You can create day types that you:

Use immediately and to which you assign one or more days of the week (for example, Friday).

Reserve for future use, by creating it but not assigning any days of the week to it.

These reserved day types can then have days of the week assigned to them whenever their schedules are needed. This feature is particularly useful when one schedule replaces another for extended periods of time.

Note: If you only need to change the schedule for a few Thursdays, you can override each Thursday that requires the long production run. You do this when the selected Schedule Type is in Calendar mode.


A cutting machine, in the Cutting Area, normally runs from 1:00pm through 4:00pm every Monday through Friday.

You schedule the Action Calendar to turn the machine on and off.

The Cutting Area has already been defined.

Now you will create a day type in the Cutting Area called Weekdays and assign Monday through Friday to that day type.

The plant manager tells you that every Thursday the cutting machine will have to run from Noon through 6:00pm.

You create a day type called Long Run and assign Thursday to that day type. Every Thursday the Action Calendar will run the Long Run Schedule. You do this when the Action Calendar is in Day Type mode.