Step 1.2.1. Open the Distributed ptopc_config.xml File

Proficy CIMPLICITY includes a ptopc_config.xml file that is ready to be filled in with your system specifications.

Use either method to open the ptopc_config.xml file.

Workbench Computer Managed files.

Window Explorer

Workbench Computer Managed Files

  1. Open a CIMPLICITY Workbench.

  2. Select Computer>Managed Files in the Workbench left pane.

  3. Right-click data\ptopc_config.xml in the Workbench right pane.

  1. Select Edit on the Popup menu.

Result: The ptopc_config.xml file opens in Notepad. The first time it  opens, it is ready for your system's specifications.

Windows Explorer

  1. Open Windows Explorer.

  2. Select C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\data


C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY is the default installation directory.

  1. Find  ptopc_config.xml in the Windows Explorer window right pane.

  1. Open ptopc_config.xml in an .xml editor or text editor, e.g. Notepad.

Result: The ptopc_config.xml file opens in the selected text editor. The first time is opens, it is ready for your system's specifications.


If you do not plan to use the Advanced Viewer, leave ptopc_config.xml in the ..\data directory.

Make sure the ptopc_config.xml file is in the ..\data directory on every computer that will use the Advanced Viewer.

More information

Step 1.2. Enter specifications in the ptopc_config.xml file.