Step 1.3. Specify Log In Requirements

Your OPC Server determines whether or not login is required.

If log in is required, log in for the Advanced Viewer is as follows.

Login will only be requested one time for the current user.

The Login Panel will list the log in for the OPC pseudo-project.

You can add saved logs in the Login Panel for an Advanced Viewer project.

When cancelling a login, items display as unavailable.

Log out Items display as unavailable and cannot be set.

Users can log into more than one OPC Server at a time. A user can log out of one Server; Servers that the user is still logged into will continue to display their values; the values can be set.

If you are using the Advanced Viewer in a Vista operating system and are configuring DCOM in a domain, set the Advanced Viewer ptopc service (ptopc.exe) to login as a specific domain user.

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Step 1. Set up the OPC Server for the Advanced Viewer.