Step 2. Configure an Event Alarm

Fill in the fields as follows.




Describes the alarm so a user can identify it more easily.

Can display in the Workbench and the Alarm Viewer.

Alarm Class

Selection groups this alarm with alarms that have similar characteristics.

Alarm type

Identifies the application with which the alarm is associated.

Help file

A text help file that users can display when they click the Help button in the Alarm Viewer.


A number from 1 through 1000. The higher the number the more severe the alarm is considered.

CIMPLICITY treats more severe alarms with a higher priority.

Alarm message

Message that displays in the Alarm Viewer when the alarm displays.

Note: Many fields on the Alarm tab in the Alarm Definition dialog box is the same as the Advanced Alarm tab in the Point Properties dialog box.

More information

Event alarm configuration.