Step 2.1. Enter Alarm Class General Specifications

General specifications on the Alarm Class tab in the Alarm Class Configuration dialog box include the following.



Class ID

Alarm class name.

New alarm class

The Class ID field is read/write when the alarm class is created.

The class ID:

Can be up to 5 characters in length.

Must be unique.

Cannot include the $ or | characters.

Previously created alarm classes

The Class ID field is read-only for previously created alarm classes.


Can be up to 64 characters in length

Displays in the Class Description field in the Workbench right pane.


Priority number

Alarms with a 0-order number have the highest priority. The higher the number, the lower the priority.

Alarms use these priorities internally and to prioritize occurrences, such as alarm sound.

If you assign the same order to more than one class, the classes are alphabetized within the order.


You assign order 0 to High, Medium and Low alarm classes.

When you select to sort classes in the CIMPLICITY AMV Control Properties dialog box, the Alarm Viewer  will sort by the selected order, descending or ascending.




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Step 2. Enter alarm class specifications.