Include Files

The following header files contain definitions used by Alarm Management procedures and therefore must be included in an application program that interfaces with Alarm Management.

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/cor."Field Definitions:>

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/cor_stat."Field Definitions:>

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/sc_recs."Field Definitions:>

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/netcom."Field Definitions:>

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/am_errors."Field Definitions: Error Codes Returned by AMRP >

Type definitions supporting t"Field Definitions:e use of t"Field Definitions:e AMARU procedures can be found in:

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/am_defs."Field Definitions: am_defs.h >

#include <inc_pat"Field Definitions:/amaru_err."Field Definitions: Error Codes Returned by AMARU >

More information

Field Definitions: Alarm Management API application.