This initialization routine should be called at process start-up. It gathers the information necessary to communicate with the Alarm Manager in the current IPC network. This information is used by amaru_send_msg in order to determine the physical address of the destination AMRP.


int amaru_init (ret_stat);

COR_STATUS *ret_stat;

Input Arguments


Output Arguments


Pointer to status structure.

Return Value

Either COR_SUCCESS, or COR_FAILURE. If the function returns anything other than COR_SUCCESS, additional error information can be found in ret_stat.err_msg and ret_stat.err_code.

There are no error messages generated by amaru_init itself. If the low-level routine sc_open or sc_close fails the error status is passed unchanged to the calling program. Typically, this happens if the system configuration data is not accessible.

More information

Application subroutines for field definitions: Alarm Management API.