Step 4.1. Create the Configuration File

  1. Place your AMIP application executable in the %BSM_ROOT%exe directory (if you used the default directory during installation, this is will be C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\EXE).

  2. Create a file called <appname>.RP in %BSM_ROOT%bsm_data, where <appname> can be any name of your choosing (the name will be used again in the system registry).

Note: The <appname>.RP file is an ASCII file in CIMPLICITY standard IDT format.

  1. Edit <appname>.RP using the Notepad.

  2. Enter the following on the first line:


  1. On the econd line, enter information in the following fields. Separate the fields with vertical bars ( | )

Node Location

Enter MASTER. 

Process ID

The process identifier. Create short identifier for the process

Image Name  

Name of the executable.

Service ID

The Service identifier. Use the Process ID.

Subsystem ID

The subsystem identifier. Use Process ID.

Object Name

The object name. Use Process ID.


The priority of the process. Set this to 20.

PM Flags

Process management flags to indicate if check in is required. Use 0.

Max. per Node

Maximum number of this process which can run on a single node.

Multiple Per System

Can this process run on more than one node. Enter 0.

Startup Type

Use RP. The process will be started after device communication processes.


Description of the process. Whatever you desire.

The contents of a sample APPNAME.RP file follow:




More information

Step 4. Integrate your  AMIP Application with a CIMPLICITY Project.