Step 6.1. Select the Project that will be Connected

  1. Click Configure on the stand-alone AMV menu bar.

  2. Select List Layout…

The Alarm List Configuration dialog box opens.

  1. Select the General tab.

The General tab displays the current selection.

  1. Select one of the following connection types to determine how the stand-alone AMV will connect to a project.

Connection 1.

Connection 2.

Connection 3.

Connection 1

Check Connect to Local Project if you want the stand-alone AMV file to automatically display alarms for the project, in which the stand-alone AMV file is located, when the project is running.

Result: If the local project is running, the alarms display immediately when the file is opened.

Connection 2

Check Browse for system when connecting if you want the user to select the connected project.

Result: When a user opens the AMV file a dialog box appears with a drop down list of projects in the system. If the selected project is running and the user has access, its alarms appear in the Alarm Viewer.

Connection 3

Check Select Project Now if you want the stand-alone AMV to connect to a specific project that is not the project in which the AMV file is located.

Result: When a user opens the AMV file, alarms for the selected project appear, if the project is running.

 Note: In all instances, when no project is running, a Select CIMPLICITYâ Project dialog box appears. The user selects which project to start and the alarms for that project will display.

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Step 6. Specify how a stand-alone AMV file will connect to a project.