Step 6.3. Install a Shortcut of a Stand-alone AMV File

  1. Click File on the stand-alone AMV menu bar..

  2. Select Install.

A Create Shortcut dialog box opens.

  1. Select the folder in which the shortcut should appear, e.g., Desktop.

  2. Click OK.

Result: The shortcut is created where you specified, e.g. .

If you open the shortcut when the project is not running a Select CIMPLICITY Project dialog box opens to let you easily start the project.

 Important: Specify how the Alarm Viewer file should connect to a CIMPLICITY project when the shortcut is double-clicked. If one or more projects are running, your specification will guide the project selection. You do this on the General tab in the Alarm List

 Tip: Select Browse for system when connecting on the General tab in the Alarm List Configuration dialog box to make sure a user can connect to a project no matter where the shortcut is placed.

More information

Step 6. Specify how a stand-alone AMV file will connect to a project.