Option Modify the Stand-alone AMV Setup Time, State and Sort

  1. Select the Time/State/Sort tab.

  2. Do one of the following to specify how alarms are filtered by time.

Method 1. Display alarms regardless of when they occurred

Clear Use Time Filter.

Alarms that have not been removed from the list by other means, e.g. acknowledge and reset, display, regardless of when they occurred.

Method 2. Display alarms that occurred since a specified time

  1. Check Use Time Filter.

The Select alarms since: field is enabled and displays the current date and time.

  1. Enter the date and time that is the start criteria for displaying alarms.

Important: Hours are 1-23. There is no AM/PM specification.

  1. Check the options in the Filter by State box to limit the alarms displayed on the Alarm List to only those that occur in the state you select.

The options are:

State–Ack Status

Check to



Display points in Alarm State that have not been acknowledged.



Display points in Alarm State that have been acknowledged.



Display points that have returned to a normal state but have not been acknowledged.

  1. Check the options in the Sort box to select the primary sort parameter for the Alarm List.

The choices are:


Check to Sort Alarms


In the selected classes, alarms are sorted, lowest to highest, in the sort order assigned to each Alarm Class when it was created.


In the selected resources, alarms are sorted alphabetically, lowest to highest, by Resource ID.


According to a combination of their State and Ack Status in the following order:

  1. All unacknowledged alarms in Alarm state

  2. All unacknowledged alarms in Normal state

  3. All acknowledged alarms in Alarm state


Alarms are arranged according to the time of their occurrence, with the most recent first.

The default sort key is Time. If a category other than Time is selected as the primary sort key, the secondary sort key is Time.

  1. Either:

Click OK to save the setup changes and exit the Modify Setup dialog box, or

Select another tab.

More information

Step 3.1.4. Configure the AMV time, state and sort.