Option 3.2.2. Reset Button: Alarm ID Reset

If manual reset is enabled, a user can manually reset an alarm to indicate to the system that the alarm condition is being manually overridden. The alarm will not be triggered again until the situation returns to the configured acceptable range and then goes back out of the acceptable range.

Manual reset is enabled on the Alarm Options tab of the Alarm Definition (or Point Properties) dialog box.

The system automatically resets an alarm if the condition that triggered the alarm returns to within acceptable limits.

How the Alarm Viewer responds when a user clicks Reset, depends on what was configured on the Alarm Options tab in the Alarm Definition dialog box.

On Alarm Options

In Alarm Viewer

Alarm ID

Ack is required

Ack is not clicked and
No auto acknowledge

Font color changes

Ack is required

Ack is clicked or
Auto acknowledged

Is deleted

Ack is not required


Is deleted

More information

Option 3.2. Ack and/or Reset Buttons: Acknowledge and Reset alarms.