Step 1.5. Specify Field Column Widths and Titles

Columns in the AMV Control/AMV adhere to the width and display the titles that you specify for the fields that are in the first row. You can associate a title and length with any field that will be used whenever that field is positioned in the first row of the alarm message.

 Note: Column titles appear in the AMV Control only if you check Field titles on the Sort/Display tab in the CIMPLICITY AMV Control Properties dialog box.

  1. Select a field in either Static or dynamic view.

  2. Click Modify…

The Field Properties dialog box for the select field opens.

  1. Change the maximum field length in for the Alarm Viewer in the Length field if it should be different from the current length that displays.

  2. Enter a new title for the Alarm Viewer field in the Title Field if it should be different from the current title that displays.

If you change the title of a field, its original title appears next to the check box in the Fields list, and the modified title appears to the right in parentheses.

  1. Click either:

OK to accept the changes.

Cancel to retain the current settings.

Result: The Alarm List Configuration dialog box appears. The field is changed (or not) according to your specifications.

 Tip: Field length is based on the average size of characters in the font you have chosen. Thus, a length of 6 may be sufficient to display the string IIIIII, but may be too short to display WWWWWW. To ensure that the length is always adequate, select a fixed pitch font (such as Courier New) for your alarm page display.

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