RemoveProject Method


Remove a project from the AMV Control.

Advanced parameters

Described next.

Advanced parameters for RemoveProject:

  1. Click Advanced… to open the Edit Method dialog box.

  2. Enter one of the following for the Project value.

An empty string ("").

The AMV Control attaches a project to the string, in the following order of priority.

  1. A default project.

If you run CimView in the context of a project, it creates a default project.

  1. The connected project.

  2. The first project in a list of projects to which the user is connected.

The list of projects displays in the Alarm Viewer Project Name field. To display this field check Project Name on the Fields tab in the CIMPLICITY AMV Control Properties dialog box.

A project name.

 Important: Enclose the string entries in quotes.

More information

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