Step 2. Create an Invoke Method Action

You can create an Invoke Method action for any object or group for which you can define procedures in your CimEdit screen. The methods that are available depend on the selected object or group.

  1. Select the Procedure tab in the Properties  dialog box.

Note: You can also create a new procedure through the Events tab.

  1. Click New.

The Procedure Information dialog box opens.

  1. Click New.

  2. Create an Invoke method action as follows.


Action type

Invoke method


Object name

Select the Alarm Viewer control object.

Names of objects that have available methods are listed.



Select a method.

Alarm Viewer Control methods are listed when the Alarm Viewer control is selected.



Currently not implemented for the Alarm Viewer control.



When enabled:

  1. Click Advanced…

An Edit Method dialog box opens.

  1. Configure advanced specifications for the method.

  2. Click OK.

The Edit Method dialog box closes.

  1. (For all methods) Click either:

New to add another method or

OK to close the Procedure Information dialog box.

More information

About AMV Control methods.