CAmvAlarm Class Definition

The following class definition represents the CAmvAlarm class. For clarity, it has been simplified from the actual class definition. All the user-accessible members are listed.

class CAmvAlarm {


   COR_I4 curr_stacked ;

   AM_STACKED_INFO stacked_data[AM_MAX_STACKED+1] ;

   COR_I4 curr_comment ;


   COR_I4 generated_time ;

   COR_I4 cleared_time ;

   COR_I4 amrp_sync ;

   COR_I4 amrp_sync_offset ;

   COR_I4 max_stacked ;

   TCHAR* ID(TCHAR* id_buf) ;

   TCHAR* DeleteOptions() ;

   COR_BOOLEAN ManualClearAllowed() ;

   CAmvClassFilter* Class() ;


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