CAmvConn Class Definition

The following class definition represents the CAmvConn class. For clarity, it has been simplified from the actual class definition. All the user-accessible members are listed.

class CAmvConn {



      void* who

      void (*dispFunc)(struct testContext *context,

                      struct AlarmInfo *pAI),

      void (*ClearDisp)(struct testContext *context),

      void (*LostAM)(struct testContext *context),

      int (*MaxAlarms)(struct testContext *context),

      void (*SetDisplayRedraw)(struct testContext *context,

                               int val),

      void (*UpdateCount)(struct testContext *context,

                         RCM_ALARM_DATA *alarmData),

      void (*DoRcmError)(struct testContext *context, int state),

      void (*DoConnectionFormed)(struct testContext *context),

      void (*NotifyAlmGen)(struct testContext *context,

                         struct AlarmInfo* pAI) = 0,

void (*NotifyAlmMod)(struct testContext *context,  

                         struct AlarmInfo* pAI,

                         int alm_mod_action) = 0,

void (*NotifyAlmDel)(struct testContext *context,  

                         struct AlarmInfo* pAI) = 0);


  /* Connection management */

  void ResetConnection ;

  void BreakConnection ;

  void FormConnection (LPCTSTR system, COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

// The following make calls to the amap layer

  void UpdateList (COR_STATUS* ret_stat);

  void SetAction (const AlarmInfo *pAI, const TCHAR *action,

                 COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

void AddComment (CAmvAlarm* alarmRecord, LPCTSTR comment,

                 COR_STATUS* ret_stat);

void SetStateInfo (int alarmState, TCHAR **state,

                   TCHAR **ackState);

void OperHelpRequest (TCHAR *alarmId,

                      void AddHelpLine(void *arg,

                                      TCHAR *str),

                      void *helpText,

                      COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

  /* Setup management */

  void SetupList (COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

  CAmvSetupList * Setups;

  /* Mode control */

  void SuspendDynamic (COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

  void ResumeDynamic (COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

  void RequestAlarms (COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

  void SetToStatic (COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

  void SetToDynamic (COR_STATUS *ret_stat);

BOOL IsAlarmManagerConnected ();

   LPCTSTR GetConnectedSystem() ;

   BOOL ShouldReconnect() ;


   AMAP_CONNECT IsConnected() ;

  CAmvStateFilterList * StateFilters;

  CAmvTimeFilter * TimeFilter;

  CAmvClassFilterList * ClassFilters;

  CAmvResourceFilterList * ResourceFilters;

  AM_FILTER_TYPE PrimaryFilter;

  void SetPrimaryFilter (AM_FILTER_TYPE type);


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