AppHide (statement)


AppHide [name$]


Hides the named application.


If the named application is already hidden, the AppHide statement will have no effect.

The name$ parameter is a String containing the name of the desired application. If it is omitted, then the AppHide statement hides the active application.

AppHide generates a runtime error if the named application is not enabled, as is the case if that application is displaying a modal dialog box.


This example hides Program Manager.

Sub Main()

  'See whether Program Manager is running.
  If AppFind$("Program Manager") = "" Then Exit Sub
  AppHide "Program Manager"
  MsgBox "Program Manager is now hidden. Press OK to show it once again."
  AppShow "Program Manager"
End Sub

See Also

AppShow (statement).


The name$ parameter is the exact string appearing in the title bar of the named application's main window. If no application is found whose title exactly matches name$, then a second search is performed for applications whose title string begins with name$. If more than one application is found that matches name$, then the first application encountered is used.

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