ArraySort (statement)


ArraySort array()


Sorts a single-dimensioned array in ascending order.


If a string array is specified, then the routine sorts alphabetically in ascending order using case-sensitive string comparisons. If a numeric array is specified, the ArraySort statement sorts smaller numbers to the lowest array index locations.

The script generates a runtime error if you specify an array with more than one dimension.

When sorting an array of variants, the following rules apply:

A runtime error is generated if any element of the array is an object.

String is greater than any numeric type.

Null is less than String and all numeric types.

Empty is treated as a number with the value 0.

String comparison is case-sensitive (this function is not affected by the Option Compare setting).


This example dimensions an array and fills it with filenames using FileList, then sorts the array and displays it in a select box.

Sub Main()

  Dim f$()
  FileList f$,"c:\*.*"
  ArraySort f$
  r% = SelectBox("Files","Choose one:",f$)
End Sub

See Also

ArrayDims (function); LBound (function); UBound (function)

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