CLng (function)




Converts expression to a Long.


This function accepts any expression convertible to a Long, including strings. A runtime error is generated if expression is Null. Empty is treated as 0.

The passed expression must be within the following range:

  –2147483648 <= expression <= 2147483647

A runtime error results if the passed expression is not within the above range.

When passed a numeric expression, this function has the same effect as assigning the numeric expression to a Long. Note that long variables are rounded before conversion.

When used with variants, this function guarantees that the expression is converted to a Long variant (VarType 3).


This example displays the results for various conversions of i and j (note rounding).

Sub Main()

  I% = 100
  j& = 123.666
  MsgBox "The result of i * j is: " & CLng(i% * j&)  'Displays 12367.
  MsgBox "The new variant type of i is: " & Vartype(CLng(i%))
End Sub

See Also

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