AlarmUpdate (method)


AlarmUpdate Project$, AlarmId$, ResourceId$, Action%
, AlarmMessage$ [, UserId$ [,RefId$]]]


To update a currently generated alarm. The alarm being updated may be of any alarm type. However, if the AlarmMessage$ is specified, it must be an alarm with an alarm type of $CIMBASIC.






String. The project to generate the alarm on, an empty string "" indicates the current project



String. The ID of the Alarm. Must be a valid alarm.



String. The Resource ID to generate the alarm against. Used to control routing of the alarm.



Integer. Indicates whether to acknowledge or reset the alarm. Use the manifest constants AM_ACKNOWLEDGED and AM_RESET to perform an acknowledgment and a reset.

By default on a computer with Server Redundancy, alarm updates from the slave computer's Event Manager are ignored. To acknowledge or reset an alarm on the master computer from the slave computer, use AM_ACKNOWLEDGED_M or AM_RESET_M to override the default behavior.



String. (optional). The update alarm message to display.

Note: This string is substituted into the first variable field of the Alarm's message. For a user-defined alarm message, this will be the first %s field in the message. For a point alarm message, it will be the first variable field (%VAL, %ID, etc.) in the alarm message. For this reason, it is not recommended that you use the AlarmMessage$ field when updating point alarms.



String. (optional). The User ID which generated the alarm.



String. A Reference ID used to distinguish between identical alarms. The Reference ID needs to match the Reference ID of the generated alarm. If the alarm was generated without a Reference ID, then this field can be omitted from the call.


sub main()

      a$ = time$

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_1","$SYSTEM",x,_

            "Electrical Bus 1 " & a$

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_2","RESOURCE_1",x,_

            "Multiple Instance for each resource " & a$

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_2","RESOURCE_2",x,_

            "Multiple Instance for each resource " & a$

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_2","RESOURCE_3",x,_

"Multiple Instance for each resource " & a$

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_3","RESOURCE_1",x,_

"Multiple Instances for RefIf " & a$,"","1"

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_3","RESOURCE_1",x,_

"Multiple Instances for RefIf " & a$,"","2"

      AlarmUpdate "BCEDEMO","MY_ALARM_3","RESOURCE_1",x,_

"Multiple Instances for RefIf " & a$,"","3"

end sub

See Also

AlarmGenerate (method)


When updating an alarm, the AlarmId$, ResourceId$ and RefId$ must match exactly to the alarm to be updated, if they don't match the alarm will not be updated.

When updating a point alarm, the RefId$ is always the Point ID (which is also the Alarm ID)

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