CimProjectData (object)


The CimProjectData object provides the ability to search and return specific pieces of a project's configuration. The underlying APIs used by the CimProjectData object are the same as those used to browse point configuration on a remote project. In general, this object provides a convenient way to retrieve a set of attributes based on specified filter criteria. This object provides a read-only capability.

To write configuration, please see the help file for the CIMPLICITY Configuration Object Model.


Sub Main()

   ' This example retrieves all points beginning with A for Device MY_PLC

   ' in project MY_PROJECT and displays the point id and resource id of

   ' each matching item.

   Dim d as new CimProjectData

   d.Project = "MY_PROJECT"

   d.Entity = "POINT"

   d.Filters ="POINT_ID=A*,DEVICE_ID=MY_PLC"

   d.Attributes ="POINT_ID,RESOURCE_ID"

   Dim p as string

   Dim r as String


   if d.GetNext(p,r) = TRUE then

      MsgBox "Point Id = " & p & " Resource Id = " & r

      goto top

   End if

end sub

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