Point.OnTimed (method)


Point.OnTimed time_period


To poll the points value periodically. A new value will be sent to the application every time_period seconds. The application should call GetNext to retrieve the next value.


Unlike the OnChange method, you may miss values of the point if it changes in between your polls. Use the OnChange method to receive the point whenever it changes. OnTimed is useful if the point is rapidly changing and you are only interested in its value in a periodic manner.

Only one of the OnChange, OnAlarm, OnTimed or OnAlarmAck requests may be active at a time.






Integer. Time period in seconds to read the point.


Sub main()

   Dim MyPoint as new Point   ' Declare the point object

   MyPoint.Id ="TANK_LEVEL"  ' Set the point Id

   MyPoint.OnTimed 60         ' Request value every minute

Top :

    MyPoint.GetNext           ' Read the value

    Trace MyPoint.Value       ' Put it out to the trace buffer

    goto top                  ' Repeat forever

end sub

See Also

Point.GetNext (method); Point.OnChange (method); Point.Cancel (method).

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