PointGetMultiple (function)


PointGetMultiple point1[,point2[,point3…]]


Request data from up to 30 points in a single snapshot request.

If the function fails, an error is generated.


If you need to get data from several points, use this function rather than issuing a single PointGet command for each point. For the example below, it is six times more efficient to use PointGetMultiple, since the data is retrieved from the Point Manager in a single request, rather than six separate PointGet requests.






String. Point objects for which data is going to be requested. Up to 30 may be specified as function parameters.


sub main()

   Dim x As New Point: x.Id ="R1"

   Dim x1 As New Point: x1.Id ="R2"

   Dim x2 As New Point: x2.Id ="R3"

   Dim x3 As New Point: x3.Id ="R4"

   Dim x4 As New Point: x4.Id ="R5"

   Dim x5 As New Point: x5.Id ="R6"


   PointGetMultiple x,x1,x2,x3,x4,x5

End Sub

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