DlgSetPicture (statement)


DlgSetPicture {ControlName$ | ControlIndex},PictureName$,PictureType


Changes the content of the specified picture or picture button control.


The DlgSetPicture statement accepts the following parameters:






String containing the name of the .Identifier parameter associated with a control in the dialog box template. A case-insensitive comparison is used to locate the specified control within the template. Alternatively, by specifying the ControlIndex parameter, a control can be referred to using its index in the dialog box template (0 is the first control in the template, 1 is the second, and so on).



String containing the name of the picture. If PictureType is 0, then this parameter specifies the name of the file containing the image. If PictureType is 10, then PictureName$ specifies the name of the image within the resource of the picture library.

If PictureName$ is empty, then the current picture associated with the specified control will be deleted. Thus, a technique for conserving memory and resources would involve setting the picture to empty before hiding a picture control.



Integer specifying the source for the image. The following sources are supported:




The image is contained in a file on disk.




The image is contained in the picture library specified by the Begin Dialog statement. When this type is used, the PictureName$ parameter must be specified with the Begin Dialog statement.


Sub Main()

  DlgSetPicture "Picture1","\windows\checks.bmp",0 'Set picture from a file.

  DlgSetPicture 27,"FaxReport",10  'Set control 10's image
                         'from a library.
End Sub

See Also

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Picture controls can contain either bitmaps or WMFs (Windows metafiles). When extracting images from a picture library, the Basic Control Engine assumes that the resource type for metafiles is 256.

Picture libraries are implemented as DLLs on the Windows and Win32 platforms.

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