Err.Source (property)


Err.Source [= stringexpression]


Sets or retrieves the source of a runtime error.


For OLE automation errors generated by the OLE server, the Err.Source property is set to the name of the object that generated the error. For all other errors generated by BasicScript, the Err.Source property is automatically set to be the name of the script that generated the error.

For user-defined errors, the Err.Source property can be set to any valid String expression indicating the source of the error. If the Err.Source property is not explicitly set for user-defined errors, the BasicScript sets the value to be the name of the script in which the error was generated.


'The following script generates an error, setting the source

'to the specific location where the error was generated.

Function InputInteger(Prompt,Optional Title,Optional Def)

On Error Resume Next

  Dim x As Integer

  x = InputBox(Prompt,Title,Def)

  If Err.Number Then

    Err.Source ="InputInteger"

    Err.Description = "Integer value expected"

  InputInteger = Null

    Err.Raise 3000

  End If

  InputInteger = x

 End Function

Sub Main

  On Error Resume Next

  x = InputInteger("Enter a number:")

  If Err.Number Then MsgBox Err.Source & ":" & Err.Description

End Sub

See Also

Error Handling (topic), Err.Clear (method), Err.HelpContext (property), Err.Description (property), Err.HelpFile (property), Err.Number (property), Err.LastDLLError (property)

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