Format, Format$

Return a string formatted to a given specification


Return the position of one string within another

LCase, LCase$

Convert a string to lower case

Left, Left$

Return the left portion of a string


Return the length of a string or the size of a data item


Left align a string or user-defined type within another

LTrim, LTrim$

Remove leading spaces from a string

Mid, Mid$

Return a substring from a string

Mid, Mid$

Replace one part of a string with another

Option Compare

Change the default comparison between text and binary

Option CStrings

Allow interpretation of C-style escape sequences in strings

Right, Right$

Return the right portion of a string


Right align a string within another

RTrim, RTrim$

Remove trailing spaces from a string

Space, Space$

Return a string os spaces


Compare two strings

String, String$

Return a string consisting of a repeated character

Trim, Trim$

Trim leading and trailing spaces from a string

UCase, UCase$

Return the upper case of a string

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