5. Use the Event List

Do one of the following to open the Properties dialog box.

Select List from the Events menu, or

Click the Event List button on the toolbar, or

Click OK on the Select a Event browser after selecting events.

Result: The Properties dialog box opens.


Use this dialog box to:

Set the maximum number of completed actions to be displayed by the view.

Add events to the monitored list.

Delete events from the monitored list.

Trigger events.

image\Note.gif Note: Note the following:

Triggering is enabled only for events in connected projects that are running.

All events for projects that are running and BCEUI is connected to are displayed in black.

Events in the list that belong to projects that are not currently running or that become disconnected are grayed out.

When you add events for a new project, they are grayed out in the Properties dialog box because BCEUI has not connected to the project yet.

The first time you select an event for a newly selected project, then select Apply, BCEUI connects to the project. When the connection completes successfully, all the events for the project are displayed in black.

You can select events for projects that are not currently running or that are disconnected. When the project starts, BCEUI will automatically connect with the project and start monitoring the events.

More information

Use the BCEUI Viewer.