9. Trigger Events

Your role must have the Trigger Event privilege enabled for you to be able to trigger events for a particular project.

  1. Select the events in the list that you want to trigger.  You can use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple events.  You can also click Select All to select all events in the list.

  2. Click Trigger.  

The Confirm Trigger Action message box opens and displays the first event to trigger.

  1. Click one of the following

Yes to All

Trigger all the selected events.


Trigger this event.


Cancel the trigger for this event.


Cancel your request

Note: If you click Yes or No and you are triggering multiple events, you are automatically prompted to confirm the next trigger action.

Result: The statuses of the events you trigger are displayed in the BCEUI window.

More information

Use the BCEUI Viewer.