CCM2 Hardware Installation External to the Computer

Configure the following parameters for the CCM2 communications port on each programmable controller that is to communicate with CIMPLICITY software:


Each device on the same port must have a unique CPU ID.

Baud Rate (9600 or less)

All devices on the same port must be set to the same baud rate.

Parity (usually odd)

All devices on the same port must be set to the same parity.


All devices must be configured as slave devices. Depending on your network configuration, select the Slave RS232 or Slave RS422 protocol.

Note: If you are using the J1 port on a Series Six CCM2 card, the parity is always odd.

Since this information is required when configuring the CIMPLICITY communications port and the CIMPLICITY device, you should record these values at this time.

Install the correct cables for CCM2 communications. See the appropriate GE Fanuc Data Communications manual for cabling instructions. In addition, if you are using Series 90 programmable controllers, the cabling is the same as for the SNP protocol.

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