Input/Output Memory Addressing

These memory types include:

For the Series Six:



Input Overrides

Output Overrides

Auxiliary Inputs

Auxiliary Outputs

Internal Auxiliary Inputs

Internal Auxiliary Outputs

Real Expanded Inputs

Real Expanded Outputs

Internal Expanded Inputs

Internal Expanded Outputs

For the Series Five

Local Inputs

Local Outputs

Local Input Overrides

Local Output Overrides

I1+ Inputs

O1+ Outputs

I2+ Inputs

O2+ Outputs

I1+ Input Overrides

O1+ Output Overrides

I2+ Input Overrides

O2+ Output Overrides

Special Input

O1- Internal Coils

O2- Internal Coils

O1- Internal Coils Overrides

O2- Internal Coils Overrides

For the Series 90



You can configure Analog and Boolean points in these memory types.

More information

CCM2 point configuration notes.