Configure the Thumbnail View

You can change the size of the thumbnails in the Workbench right pane. This feature enables you to increase or decrease the number of thumbnails that you can view at one time. It also enables you review the detail in a single thumbnail without opening the CimEdit or CimView screen.

  1. Click View on the Workbench toolbar.

  2. Select Thumbnail size.

The Thumbnail Size dialog box opens.

  1. Do either of the following to change the thumbnail size.

Grab the lower right corner of the Thumbnail sizing box to enlarge or reduce its size.

Note: If the size is out of range the OK button is disabled.

Enter the number of pixels to specify the thumbnail size in the Width and Height fields.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The thumbnails display in the size you specify.


Thumbnail 200x200


Thumbnails 100x100

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