Display Selected Records or Files

 Note: Whether you select a list of records or of files depends on the icon you select in the left pane. For example, if you select Points in the left pane, you will select a list of records in the right. If you select Screens in the left, you will select a list of files in the right.

  1. Select an icon in the left pane.

  2. Display a Search dialog box using any of the following methods.

Method 1

Click View>Search on the Workbench menu bar.

Method 2

  1. Right-click the mouse in the Workbench right pane.

  2. Select Search on the Popup menu.

Method 3

Click the Search button on the Workbench toolbar.

The Search dialog box associated with the selected icon appears.


Search criteria. Enter one or more.


Opens related browser window.

  1. Enter the name or associated information for the record(s) or file that you want to display. What format the information (records, files…) is in depends on what you select in the left pane.

Result: The records or files you specify will display in the right pane until you change your specifications.

More information


3. Select records or files to display in the right pane.