Monitor a Selected Point's Runtime Values

The Workbench gives you access to several CIMPLICITY features that keep track of a selected point's runtime status and values.

They include opening a:

Point Control Panel that displays the selected point (if you have user access). Once opened, you can deal with it the same as you would any open Point Control Panel.

Quick Trend chart to view the point's trend information

CimView screen, which was selected in the Point Properties dialog box.

  1. Select Points in the Workbench's left pane.

  2. Select the point in the right pane that you want to track.

  3. Click the right mouse button.

  4. Select one of the following:

To open a:

Point Control Panel

Point Control panel displaying the selected point

If allowed, you can set the point through the panel.

Quick Trends

Quick Trend chart that trends the selected point

You can then manipulate the chart, including changing the axis limits, line color and add other lines.

*.cim screens

Open any CimView screen that includes the point in its configuration.

Result: The object you select opens displaying at least the selected point's values.

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