Multiple Workbench Windows

The Workbench enables you to:

Open several Workbench windows at the same time.

Refresh the view in the Workbench in which you are working.

Open Additional Workbench Windows on the Same Computer

You can open as many Workbench windows on one computer as its resources allow. You can also open them on connected servers or development viewers.

The multiple Workbench windows can contain the same or different CIMPLICITY projects.

Click File>New>Window on the Workbench menu bar to open additional windows.

Result: A new Workbench opens with the same project that displayed in the first Workbench. You can easily open another project.

Refresh a Project Display in an open Workbench

CIMPLICITY makes changes that are made to a project in any Workbench window in every open version of that project. Refresh your view to insure that what you are looking at is the current configuration.

Do one of the following.

Press F5.

Click View>Refresh on the Workbench menu bar.

Result: The Workbench window displays the most current version of the displayed CIMPLICITY project.

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About the CIMPLICITY Workbench.